Rolls AGM S5 – 6V


Rolls AGM’s are also deep cycle. So can be installed in a boat as service batteries. As an example…. if a large enough battery was installed to supply all power requirements including 220v (via inverter). Being AGM’s they can be charged at twice their Ah capacity. If a booster charge system was installed aswell, a boat could sit in a bay enjoying all the normal facilities without a generator running most of every day. Say, every 3 days the main engine could be run for a few hours and the battery would be full again. This is in most cases, but not all. So you should call and see how your particular system can be improved. Dews Electronics is able to supply you with everything needed to ensure your solar system is up and running correctly. Here is our selection of inverters and battery chargers we stock. Typical brands normally stocked are Rolls, for peak discharge (best on the market), low self-discharge and no problems with sulphating. Suitable for: starting engines and actually anthing that requires high peak current.

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Weight 34.5 kg
Dimensions 26.2 × 18.1 × 27.3 cm

275Ah-229Ah-6V, 370Ah-300Ah-6V, 460Ah-374Ah-6V


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