Rolls 4000 series – 2V


Here it’s the Rolls battery 4000 series (Flooded deep cycle batteries), in 2V, 1169AH (1344Ah @C100 | 1052Ah @C10).

Heavy Duty Deep Cycle
10 Year Average Life Expectancy
Removable Cells & Modular Design On Many Models

We sell other capacities:

  • 1535Ah @C100 | 1202Ah @C10 : 476 €
  • 1728Ah @C100 | 1353Ah @C10 : 515 €

Contact us to buy other capacity



Advantages: more charge to discharge cycles.
Durable UV-resistant plastic box.
More compact size compared with other manufacturers’ similar models.
Suitable for: yachts, buildings using renewable power source and emergency power systems.

Additional information

Weight 54.5 kg
Dimensions 31.8 × 18.1 × 43.2 cm


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